Custom Builds

Need a custom combination? HPS will help you in your dream engine build. With the ability to custom build, we also have the ability to dyno tune your engine. HPS can provide you with a high performance engine package.


In-House Machining

From the initial combination, to the machine work and assembly we take the time to address every single aspect of the engines design and application to maximize its performance.


Let's Talk Shop!

We’re here for you! Give us a call and let’s talk shop!

About HPS Auto & Marine Machining

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How We Work

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Contacting Us

Call us to talk about your custom engine build.  We’ll give you the numbers and the plan to put it in place.  We always exceed your expectations!

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Building the Dream

We are a one-stop shop.  We do all the machining in-house and our expert engine engineers will put together your custom combination.

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Dyno Check

Based on your requirements, we will dyno test your engine to ensure that your custom combination meets your expected numbers.

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Install or Give

We install in your vehicle or we give you your engine to do as you will.

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The Main Goal Of Car Wash

Car Wash provides you the best environmentally friendly spa service ever. We know out of the experience the best ways to give your car the showroom makeover it richly deserves. We are environment-friendly and care for our planet as much as we do for our customers.

Our goal has always been to use eco-friendly and biodegradable materials so that we remain as the best eco-friendly service provider.

More About Us

If you’re looking for performance parts or accessories for your street car or truck, or hardcore parts for your race car, our folks here at HPS have the experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way.  The mission of HPS has always been to provide great customer service to you and the general public.  HPS relies on years of automotive experience and the ability to provide its customers premium automotive and marine performance parts at discounted rates.  Our superior quality, performance and durability are a few reasons why HPS has grown exponentially.  Additionally, our pursuit of excellence in customer service is beyond comparison. We offer the most exacting tolerances in the industry whether it be in our rebuilt engines or any service that HPS provides.


Custom Configuration

Our engines are built to order, giving you compete control over looks, sound and performance.


Part for Part Breakdown

Already have components you want to use?  We’ll build around them.


Dyno Testing for Proven Performance

We dyno test every engine in-house, we prodcue to optimize performance and then deliver results – and total peac of mind to you.

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For all your engine needs, let us know how we can help.  We looking forward to helping you build the engine of your dreams.

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